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Why are there no schematics for some brands or models? Some manufacturers choose not to release their schematics to the public, in particular reel manufacturers that produce reels under the BassPro brand are under contract with BassPro to not release those schematics. In those cases you will need to contact the company yourself directly to ask for a paper copy of the schematic.
I can’t find a schematic that I am looking for can you help me out? While we do try to help everyone when we can, we simply cannot guarantee that we will be able to get to every request, we receive hundreds of requests for schematics so it is impossible to help with every one. However, you are welcome to send a message to the team and ask – go to our Our Team page and look for the form at the bottom of the page.
I have a schematic that you don’t have listed, how can I send it to you to put on the site? We are working on an easy to use system that will allow others to safely upload files(s), it is not fully in place yet, so for now we suggest that you use the contact form on the Our Team page to send us a message along with you email, and we will email you directly so you can send it to us. We do not publish our direct email address on the site for obvious reasons, spam!