TungstenLube™ Fishing Reel Lubricants

TungstenLube™ Lubricants have been the choice of serious anglers and reel collectors since 1993 because of it’s unique ability to fight corrosion and rust, not to mention it is the most lubricious substance known to modern science! TungstenLube™ Lubricants adhere to any substrate surface through a molecular/mechanical interlock and takes on the characteristic of the substrate regardless of whether it is ferrous, non-ferrous, a composite, carbide, or plastic! Standard lubricants on the market are simply not capable of doing this! TungstenLube™ Lubricants also have a natural affinity for lubricants which results in oil-retention properties even in “wet” applications (It will help keep oil and grease where it should be!).

Imagine your fishing reel finally performing at the peak of its abilities, the way that it was designed to do! and protected from anything Mother Nature has to throw at it! Thousands of anglers around the globe have trusted it for years, it’s time that you did too!

TungstenLube™ Tungsten GreaseTungstenLube™ Tungsten GreaseTungstenLube™ Tungsten Grease is based on nanotechnology that improves lubrication properties by decreasing friction and wear, thereby extending gear life. TungstenLube™ Tungsten Grease consists of a state-of-the-art premium plus, water-resistant grease infused with 99.9% pure Tungsten Disulfide, and our own special blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors, making TungstenLube™ Tungsten Grease the slickest, highest quality professional grease on the market! If you are looking for ultimate in protection, lubricity, and longevity then ” TungstenLube™ Tungsten Grease” is what you’ve been waiting for.

 TungstenLube™ Tungsten Grease is the only lubricant of its kind on the market, it scientifically surpasses any lubricants you have used in the past. Once you’ve tried it on your reels, you will be hooked for life! If you could extend the life of your reels, increase their performance and casting distance, and protect them from environmental elements, wouldn’t you?

TungstenLube™ Dry LubricantTungstenLube™ Dry LubricantTungstenLube™ WS2 Dry Lubricant is a very unique product that is a critical component of our TungstenLube™ product line. Tungsten Disulfide, most commonly known as WS2 has been used by NASA since the 1960’s, originally discovered by Stanford University, it was and still is the slickest natural substance known to science. We use only 90 nano-meters WS2, which creates a better bond with the substrate. TungstenLube™ WS2 Dry Lubricant is rated better than Titanium, Teflon, Graphite and MolyB lubricants! Simply put, it is the last lubricant you will ever need!

  • Professional Anglers depend on TungstenLube™ products to get every ounce of performance out of their gear!
  • The United States Army Airforce uses WS2 to extend gearbox life in the event of small arms damage to helicopter lubrication systems.
  • A Formula 3000 team owes its success to its WS2 coated gearbox.
  • WS2 coated CV joints took part in the Paris – Dakar rally.
  • Accepted by Soap Box officials as a dry lubricant.

TungstenLube™orderTungstenLube™ Big-Game Reel Oil and Hi-Speed Reel Oil, are the favorites among both saltwater and freshwater fishermen. Our Big-Game Reel Oil is comprised of a premium high-viscosity oil specially blended with our TungstenLube™ WS2 Dry Lubricant and rust/corrosion inhibitors. This special formula is designed specially for use on reels when fighting big game fish, both saltwater and freshwater, when fighting power is paramount!

As oil lubricant viscosity decreases so does the friction caused by a thicker oil-based lubricant. Our Hi-Speed Reel Oil is formulated with a very low-viscosity premium oil, which reduces friction and increases casting distance, for use when precision and long range casting are most important!

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