Alutecnos Fishing Reel Schematics

Fishing reel schematics for Alutecnos models; albacore, saltwater fly, tabella a, tabella b.

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Alutecnos is an Italian company located in Monselice. Ours is the small entrepreneurial story of people that have passionately believed in their ideas and, through alternating moments of disappointment and enthusiasm, sacrifice and dedication, have written their own story, the story of the Albacore. People ready to face new challenges and new scenarios that will quickly define our next future and which new perspectives and markets will soon rise from, where new materials and innovative technologies will also lead man and companies through the vortex of the third millennium markets. But our story will always be the story of the Albacore. It will remain within us and in the hearts of those that have believed in us, and like us have loved and will always love the great and boundless brother sea.