Accurate Fishing Reel Schematics

Fishing Reel Schematics for Accurate models; Boss, ATD, TD

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Accurate Fishing Products was launched in 1990 as a division of our parent company, Accurate Grinding and Manufacturing Corporation, in Los Angeles, California. A family-owned operation, established nearly five decades ago, in 1950, when Michael DeMarco developed specialized techniques to manufacture jet turbine engine components at a time when precision aerospace manufacturing was just beginning in Southern California.
In 1970, Michael’s son, Joe, and son-in-law, Jack, assumed ownership.
Grinding that led the company into the CNC (computer numerical control) era of machining. Making aerospace components for both commercial and military aircraft obviously calls for the absolute highest standards of manufacturing and the use of the finest materials available, and so it was with this same precision-minded, high-tech, spare-no-cost orientation that they entered the sportfishing tackle market in 1990.
The new venture was called Accurate Fishing Products and our first products were not reels, but fishing gaffs. Due to their high quality, light weight and exceptional strength, the new AccuGaffs soon won favor among saltwater fishermen. Next came reel-conversion components — our AccuPlates, AccuFrames and AccuKits — for upgrading Penn fishng reels. The growing acceptance of these conversions soon built this product line into the leader in aftermarket upgrades.
After seeing how enthusiastically the ocean fishing public responded to these precision-built reel components and, being avid anglers ourselves, we decided the next logical step was to build entire reels and focus on making them the most technologically advanced models ever produced.
As a result, by drawing upon our high-tech, aerospace background, the Accurate Platinum TwinDrag® Reels and Boss Magnum TwinDrag® Reels were developed.
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