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Welcome to SurviveOutdoor, we are very passionate about everything outdoors and our goal at SurviveOutdoor is to share that passion with you, by bringing you honest, unbiased reviews onAmerican Veteran Owned Business outdoor gear and destinations. We do the hard work for you by spending hours in the freezing cold, sweltering heat, or heavy rains, making sure each product performs to the standards a manufacturer advertises, and is useful in real outdoor locations, then we give you the full report with all the pros and cons! Each of the products that we review are thoroughly field tested over several weeks in varying locations and climates. We don’t just give away high ratings, they have to be earned! If a product does or does not meet expectations we will report it and explain why we gave the ratings we did.

Products that we do not recommend vary in reason; inferior product design, not meeting manufacturer advertised  claims, or poor customer service.

We have spent much of our entire lives outdoors and our mission is to provide the outdoor community with unbiased reviews, insider tips and knowledge that we have gained through real world experience. We do not accept pay for any reviews that we do, and we purchase the products that we review in stores just like you. From time to time we do have companies that may send products for our staff or members to use (and yes the team loves extra goodies to play with), however we still purchase what we use in field-tested reviews.

Thanks for joining us and we hope to see you out on the trail one day! Now where did I put that GPS….


Owner/FounderJeff (GearJunkie) is the founder of SurviveOutdoor, and is the technology expert behind the organization. Jeff is a former military veteran trained in counter-terrorism and hostage negotiations, spent years deployed on U.S. Naval Submarines to many international countries, and has decades of active military and military contractor experience. He is a Wilderness First Responder (WFR), a certified Scuba Master Diver, and Licensed Ham Radio Operator. Jeff is very comfortable whether on land or sea, with over four decades of experience in many diverse outdoor and marine environments. He is a published author of four outdoor books, and is an experienced survivalist in both the mountains and desert areas of the South West. Jeff and Kathleen have been married for 13 years, together they have five children (Haley, Matthew, Cassandra, Aaron and Candice).


button_kathleenKathleen (FitRunner) is a very active fitness runner, participating in several city marathons as well as trail running throughout Southern California each year. As a mom and a full time Occupational Therapist she enjoys spending as much time with her family as she can, but still remains highly competitive running. Kathleen oversees all our fitness gear, clothing, city/trail run reviews throughout the year. If you love to run you will love reading about her recommendations and tips. Fitness clothing and shoes are an important part of running for her but not only do they have to look good, they have to perform at a marathon runner’s level of standard. Kathleen is also our resident nutritionist.


button_haleyHaley is very active outdoors and in school, at 8 years old she is quickly becoming a great kids toy review contributor to SurviveOutdoor. Haley wanted to make her own introduction. “Hi there, I am the best toy reviewer in the world!! I am really excited to be a new member of this team. I will always keep track of my reviews and never give up being a special member of this awesome team! I already started my reviews and they will soon be done! I really am a skilled cheerleader and gymnast. I have never been on a special, popular, and cool website before! I love that my dad (GearJunkie) has this cool website for everyone. Obviously, I am talented and I am proud of it!, XOXO Haley”


Jason - SurviveOutdoor Team MemberJason (OutdoorJunkie) has been hiking through forests, valleys, and mountains since he was a very young age, and has a true love for adventure! Jason has traveled to many foreign as well as domestic locations to seek out the next best adventure, idyllic camping spot, or just to get away from the grind of city life. Jason lives Birmingham, Alabama where he enjoys spending as much time as possible with his son Barron! but he still travels to the westcoast frequently to  join the rest of the team on westcoast adventures.



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