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July 18, 2016 Comments (0) Knives

Knives of Alaska – Cub Bear

Knives of Alaska - Cub Bear

Knives of Alaska makes some of the best knives on the market in my opinion, and the Cub Bear is no different. This is a great light-weight knife, especially for finer detail work. Coming in at a blade length of 2-3/4″ it even fits within California’s strict knife laws for carry. I have used one for years and it has been a great addition, especially for fish cleaning!

SureGrip Handles

made from Santoprene, a thermoplastic elastomer that has excellent chemical degradation resistance and provides a slightly elastic soft sticky feel.

  • Category:  The “Cub Bear”
  • Item Number:  00006FG
  • Metal:  D2
  • Rockwell Hardness:  57-59
  • Bevel:  18-20°
  • Knife Length:  6-1/2″
  • Blade Length:  2-3/4″
  • Weight:  2.2 oz

The knife is full tang which is definitely what you want to look for in any outdoor knife. The term full tang means that the knife is one solid piece and the 2 handle pieces are pinned on to the blade, one on each side. This is the strongest of the tang types. The Cub Bear tang also extends the full width of the handle, which is another important consideration.

Knives of Alaska are available at many retailers and also direct from their company website at




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