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June 20, 2016 Comments (4) Featured, Fishing, Fishing Gear, Gear Reviews, Outdoor Activities

NEW! Fishing Lure Changes Sport Fishing History

SwingBlade SpinnerBait

We have all experienced the feeling when we look at something and think to ourselves “Well now that just makes sense, why haven’t we been doing it this way all along?” This is one of those times, one look at the new “Swingblade Spinnerbait” and you’ll instantly see the benefits this lure has to offer, especially when you compare it to the same old tired outdated standard spinnerbaits we have used for decades. This latest innovative spinnerbait design has been over 50 years in the making by an inventor from Alabama by the name of J.C. Holder.

Revolutionary Design

This will be the bait to own as it changes the design of all future spinnerbaits! If you don't have one, you will want one! If your buddy has one, you will want one! Thanks to the unimaginable dedication of the inventor that put over 50 years of his life into designing fishing lures!

Why are lure manufacturers so nervous and yet interested at the same time? Because this design is like no other ever seen, it could very well make all other spinnerbait designs obsolete! This is a very well thought out design that simply works! If you want to drastically improve your fishing then you will want to have several of these in your tackle, it is as simple as that!

Example 1

What are the biggest complaints that we all have about spinnerbaits? They tend to roll during a fast retrieve which makes them less effective and more prone to hang ups. Why do they do this? Because the entire spinnerbait arm is rigid!

(Example 1) shows the existing design of all standard spinnerbaits, as you can see the entire arm from lead head to blades are all attached to a solid rigid design. This “safety pin” design has continued since first invented in 1951 and has proven time and time over to be an inadequate design.

Another feature that we really liked is that you can easily change the entire head/hook/skirt all in one, making this a great bait if I want to change the weight or the colors very easily. Standard spinnerbaits are sold construction which only allows changing the skirt.

J.C. Holder has been an avid and dedicated Bass fisherman for over 70 years, it was his experience and dedication that lead him to creating “The SwingBlade”. This unique design allows the top arm to rotate 360 degrees, which will keep the spinnerbait running straight and without turning on its side during ANY retrieval speed! This is not achievable with any other spinnerbait on the market today! This design also allows the lower lead/hook portion of the bait to easily ride over any underwater obstacle while still maintaining the upright straight performance of the blades.

Does it catch more bass? SurviveOutdoor wanted to find out so we took it out for a test! The SwingBlade was tested on three separate freshwater lakes, in varying weather conditions. Our results proved that this is truly the best spinnerbait we have ever used, our team tried their best to snag the bait unsuccessfully, and when even using a 5:1 ratio retrieval we were unable to cause the spinnerbait to turn on its side! Now if you are a spinnerbait fishermen you will appreciate what this really means and what it is going to do to the spinnerbait market! It’s not very often that you get to try a new fishing lure that is revolutionary to the industry, and SurviveOutdoor was the first to test this bait!

At the first lake, the weather was hot 96o and clear skies, with a slight brown tinge to the water. We decided to pair up a blue/gray/white skirt with two Colorado blades, gold and silver. Our team member caught 12 largemouth bass within the first hour, and missed two strikes.

The second lake we chose a mountain lake in much cooler weather at 76o, overcast skies, and clear water. This has notoriously in our past fishing expeditions been a hard lake to fish for bass, trout fishing is preferred in this lake. However, we stuck to the same one hour test as the previous lake and were able to entice 5 largemouth bass and 1 rainbow trout to go for it!

The third lake we decided to try a little something different because what can I say we love to push the envelope. We choose the Salton Sea because of it’s Corvina population. The weather was a sweltering 121o, dingy water and clear skies. I’ve used many baits at Salton Sea but I can say I never had tried a spinnerbait before, to be honest I was worried about losing the bait because there are some monster Corvina in the Salton Sea.


So what is the future of “SwingBlade” ?
Right now there are several top tier lure manufacturers that are in negotiations with Mr. Holder on the bait, so I can’t go into specific details however you can bet that you will be seeing this bait landing at tackle stores all around you in the short future! It truly is a new beginning for the spinnerbait industry and we are proud to have gotten the opportunity to test The SwingBlade first-hand under our own conditions.

We can’t wait to see them hanging in every tackle store across America, and the ones that I have… well let’s just say they are going to into a nice safe location as a part of the history of our sport fishing industry!

We have some great underwater videos that will be posted soon demonstrating the dramatic underwater difference this lure makes!

4 Responses to NEW! Fishing Lure Changes Sport Fishing History

  1. says:

    Will definitely hunt this rig down and give it a try here in southern Ontario.

  2. GearJunkie GearJunkie says:

    I wanted to post an update to this article. My father J.C. Holder, the inventor of the greatest spinner bait lure in the world, passed away at the beginning of this year. He was my hero, my mentor, the greatest fisherman I have ever known. I will miss him with all my heart, and I will also remember him for instilling in me the love of the outdoors and the love of fishing. I will pass on everything he taught me to my sons to carry on his memory. I love you dad! rest in peace.

  3. Roger taylor says:

    Is there any progress on The Swing Blade developments? Sorry to hear about your dad passing.

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