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Rocket Fishing Rod

My brother received the Rocket Fishing Rod for Christmas but since he is only 5 I am doing this review for him, I used it too so I know what to write about. My brother was very excited when he saw that Santa had left this for him, he had been asking for it for months! The next day our whole family took it out to the lake to try for the first time.

Rocket Fishing RodThis magnificent toy lets your kid’s fish without complicated things to use. The first thing we found out is that it is kind of hard to engage for a kid, I was able to do it but my little brother had a hard time at first. To engage it you have to slide the orange piece located on the bottom of the rod all the way back until it clicks. The fishing line and the bait are held in a plastic capsule that shoots out, when it hits the water the capsule opens and the bait drops out on the line, and the capsule becomes like a float.

The fishing line that comes with the Rocket Fishing Rod is not very strong, my dad says maybe 2-4lb in strength, so you might want to change it out before your kid uses it since if the line breaks during launch of the capsule you could lose the capsule. This happened to us on about the third time we tried it, but luckily my dad was able to use his fishing lure to hook the floating capsule and get it back!

This can be a very fun toy for kids, it makes fishing a lot more fun. Even though we didn’t catch a fish that day we had so much fun just taking turns launching the capsule into the lake. It shoots up to about 30 feet so it does go a long way, so watch out for bushes and trees that might be in the way. Oh, and don’t let your kids aim it near anyone, it can cause injury because the capsule launches out very fast!

Rocket Fishing Rod


Fun Factor







  • Lots of fun for kids
  • Shoots a long way
  • Works like it says


  • Line is too weak
  • Hard to engage

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