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February 17, 2016 Comments (0) Fishing Gear

Real® Magic Line Protectant

Real® Magic Line Protectant

I have been using Real® Magic Line Protectant for almost five years now on all my reels, both freshwater and saltwater. That’s probably one of the longest periods of “in the field use” before any review I’ve done, so I felt it was time I sat down and put this together!

The Real Deal!

If line protection and improved casting are important to you, then Real® Magic is what you should be using! Don't be fooled by the knock-offs on the market that are watered down and ineffective, check the name! If it's not Real® Magic it's not worth your money.

I first talked with TJ Stallings many years back at “TTI Companies Fishing Group”, they are the producers of Real® Magic. Let’s just say that first impressions matter a lot when it comes to a company and its products, and Mr. Stallings is one of the finest gentlemen you will ever get a chance to talk to! Extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, and he instantly made you feel comfortable in conversation, it was that personality that made me want to try their products! I felt that if they are this good at customer service, they probably pay a lot of attention to detail to their products as well, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Some of the features I have learned to depend on over the years from Real® Magic are:

  • It contains UV inhibitors which protects the line from harmful sun rays
  • Increases casting distance by reducing line friction, always love the little extra distance
  • Minimizes backlashes by reducing line-memory, who doesn’t need help here!

Southern California has some of the harshest dry weather conditions in the United States, everyone has undoubtedly heard of our constant drought situations, so protect my fishing line from the harmful drying effects of the sun and lack of humidity are essential.

I normally spray my line with Real® Magic the night before a fishing trip so it has a chance to thoroughly coat the line, then depending on the length of fishing I will normally reapply once or twice while out in the boat.

There are some knock-offs out on the market, and over the years I tested several of them, most of them were watered down, were not as effective, and required more applications. Real® Magic Is the real-deal, so don’t waste your money trying anything other than Real® Magic.

Available in 3.6oz., 6oz, 16oz, and aerosol

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Real® Magic Line Protectant











  • Protection from harmful UV
  • Increase casting distance
  • Reduce backlashes and line-memory
  • Multiple uses besides reel line


  • Would like to see a small 1oz size for easy carry

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