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December 22, 2015 Comments (0) Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Activities

Couples Camping 101

Couples Camping 101


You love the outdoors, you love your significant other, maybe they love the outdoors too or maybe this is their first experience in the wild. Follow these tips to make sure that this trip together does not put you into a relationship survival situation!

Couple Camping can be some of the most satisfying alone times that you can enjoy together! When you are snuggled up in the tent together, there is no cell service, and nothing else to distract you, you will actually have to look at your partner and talk!

Tip #1

This is not the time to try to impress with your survival skills by spending an hour trying to start a fire with a fire bow! Keep it simple, bring a lighter or a match and start your fire with ease, the person will be much more impressed that you were able to get a campfire started quickly. Remember to pack some good dry tinder, dryer lint is a good choice, or if the area could be wet or rain is expected, bring some WetFire Tinder to help get your fire started.

Tip #2

If this is her/his first camping experience you can’t just walk them out into the wilderness and expect them to enjoy it. Just like you were dating, take it slow in the beginning, start with short day hikes no more than 4-5 miles round trip, on easy terrain. You might be an experienced hiker but remember this trip is not about seeing if you can push the distance, this is about your significant other enjoying the outdoors with you.

Tip #3

Plan ahead, know where you plan to camp, and have at least two alternate sites lined up in case one is taken, there is nothing worse than getting to your expected campsite and finding it has been taken and you are unprepared. Also, get a site with a little privacy, ahem.. you never know when a night in the wilderness could turn romantic!

Tip #4

You might be into the minimalist ultralight hiking and camping, but leave all that behind, make this the ultracomfy trip! Go for the Double sleeping bag 🙂 You’re going to be sleeping in the same tent so you might as well get close. A good book to read is “Sex in a Tent: A Wild Couples Guide to Getting Naughty In Nature” by Michelle Waitzman.

Check your partner’s pack, make sure they have everything they will need, headlamp, some extra socks, PJ’s are a great item to take along to get the both of you out of those sweaty, dirty clothes at night. If both of you like coffee in the mornings, bring a little comfort from home with creamer in a squeeze bottle.

Tip #5

Forget the dehydrated food packs and the MRE’s! Bring some real food that you can cook up! A bottle of wine is a good idea to sneak into your pack.

Tip #6

Some things to avoid:

  1. Forgetting Why You Are There – Don’t forget to hold hands, or stop along the trail once in awhile to kiss, take plenty of pictures together!
  2. Hard or Scary Terrain – Just because you are comfortable taking risks on treacherous terrain or river crossings, does not mean that you partner is so take it easy, pull back the reins.
  3. Teacher/Student Role – Do not spend your time trying to direct everything your spouse does or correcting them for things they have done. No one likes someone constantly being treated as though they need a parent figure.
  4. Picking the Wrong Trips – Pick trips that you know your partner has an interested in, if they don’t like fishing don’t plan a three day fishing trip. If they love taking pictures then take them to a place where there are great opportunities for those Kodak Moments!



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