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Subsistence Fishing

Subsistence Fishing

December 13, 2015 Comments (1) Fishing, Interesting, News, Outdoor Activities

Have men forgotten how to fish?



Is modern society in danger of fishing becoming a lost art? Why have so many men and women never fished in their lives?

I have been fishing for over four decades now, thanks to my dad I quickly became addicted to the outdoor sport at a very young age, but it wasn’t always without it’s dangers of starvation, frostbite, or the occasional hate mail for drowning so many worms. Seriously though, I have noticed over many years the decline in how many men or young boys have ever been fishing. When I was growing up it was so much a part of normal life that I believed every guy that put pants on fished. But apparently that is not true anymore, I live in a large community with three large beautiful lakes (yes you bet I picked the location because of that fact!), and I rarely if ever see more than two or three people ever fish out of hundreds of homes. So why is that I keep asking myself?

I’ve asked a few neighbors why they never fish, and the responses I get are normally the same; my dad never took me when I was young he was always working, I just don’t have the time (and these are ones that have young kids of their own), or it’s too much trouble when I can just buy fish at the market. I know our world has change a lot over the decades and most families are a two income family to pay the bills, and mine is no different but if you can find an hour to sit in front of the TV to watch a sports game, well… is time really that tight or is it an excuse.

dadA father taking his son or daughter fishing can be one of the best opportunities for a father to bond with his children. Anyone that has enjoyed fishing with their father knows it is those simple fishing trips that make lasting memories for your children, and has steered your life in many ways. Some of my most treasured memories with my father are fishing trips when I was very young, some quite hilarious, and some down right nerve racking as I look back on them, but that is what makes fishing so much more than just “wetting a line”. My dad had several fishing buddies as I was growing up, but I give him a lot of credit because he never forgot me, he always took me with them fishing, because that is what dad’s are supposed to do. In fact those memories continue to steer my life today, SurviveOutdoor was born out of my love for the outdoors which demonstrates first-hand the impression my father left on me at a young age.

However, today I see less and less fathers with their children at lakes, rives, or shores, teaching their children these important lessons. Fishing teaches; patience, responsibility, conservation, and not to mention a means to feed yourself or your family if needed! Fathers, don’t be mistaken, fishing is about much more than sitting on a bank somewhere praying for a fish to bite!

You don’t have to be an expert at it, you can even suck at it, and still enjoy doing it! As all parents know, kids notoriously have short attention spans, and when you are trying to get your kid interested in fishing for the first time it is very important that they CATCH FISH! So plan ahead, pick an area that you know produces fish, they don’t have to be monster size, any size will do, bluegill, catfish, and trout are excellent choices. Also, ditch the artificial baits during this time, kids will have a greater chance for success with live baits and after all what you are after here is for them to catch some fish. Once you see the look on your kids face when they catch their first fish it will be like you are fishing again for the very first time yourself! I know. I’ve been there, its a great feeling knowing you taught your kids how to fish.

So, Dad’s or Mom’s, get up! Come on, get out there, and teach your children some of life’s most important lessons. Take A Kid Fishing!


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  1. GearJunkie GearJunkie says:

    If your kid is young and just starting out in fishing, a great product that both my daughter and son love is the “Rocket Fishing Rod”. We’ll be posting a review soon but it is a very fun product for kids, and it gets them really into fishing, even if the fish aren’t biting so great! Give it a try you will love it!

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