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November 8, 2015 Comments (1) Electronic Gear, Gear Reviews

JetBoil Flash


JetBoil is one of those inventions that revolutionizes outdoor gear, since it’s introduction it has made its way into almost every backpacker and campers list of necessary items. The most popular is the new JetBoil Flash, and my personal favorite in the camo style (also recently released in RealTree camo). I’ve been using JetBoil’s since the first one came out and it continues to be one of the items that I never leave for the field without it.


  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 4.1 in
  • Fuel Type: canister (butane)
  • Boil Time: [16oz] 2.5 min
  • Simmer: no
  • Piezo Ignition: yes
  • Windscreen: no
  • Heat Reflector: yes
  • Parts Kit: no
  • Cleaning Tool: no
  • Fuel Canister Included: no
  • Claimed Weight: 14 oz
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • The Flash will boil two cups of water faster than you can hum your favorite song, about two minutes from start to finish. Unlike regular camp stoves this self-contained unit performs reliably each time without the hassle. After your finished just stow your canister in the insulated mug along with the fluxring and canister stand, pack it way and you are ready to go!

    • FluxRing heat exchanger system maximizes fuel efficiency and promotes even heating by uniformly distributing flame along the bottom of the cup
    • Innovative temperature indicator is integrated into the cozy to show you when your meal or drink is ready to please your palate
    • Adjustable burner is surrounded by a windscreen to reduce heat loss and improve fuel efficiency
    • Push-button Piezo ignition gets the stove rolling without matches and is integrated into the burner housing to keep it intact
    • Glove-friendly fuel valve allows for easy flame adjustment and afterward, it folds into the burner for safe storage
    • One-liter anodized aluminum cooking cup is lightweight, transfers heat efficiently, and cleans up fast
    • Neoprene cozy is designed to stay in place while stove is in use; it increases heat retention and improves cooking efficiency
    • Clear measuring cup with graduated lines unsnaps from the bottom of the cooking cup for greater precision when preparing meals as well as preventing burns on the hot FluxRing right after use
    • Translucent lid is BPA-free, shortens boil times, and features a drink-through spout for sipping coffee or pouring hot liquids
    • Stove burner and cooking cup nest together for easy storage; 100g fuel canister also fits inside cup but is SOLD SEPARATELY
    • Included fuel canister tripod stabilizer attaches to the bottom of your fuel canister for security while cooking
    • Metal pot support (sold separate) folds out and provides a solid base for a small backpacking pot, pan, or kettle when you prepare multi-course meals
    • Jetboil recommends that you boil a half-liter (16oz or 2 cups) of water at a time to prevent burns and boiling over

    JetBoilI have used the JetBoil Flash in many environments from frigid mountain terrain to blazing hot deserts, even a few times in a parking lot while waiting for someone. Forget just surviving on sandwiches and power bars, you can have a good hot meal anywhere in minutes, who would not want that? It is also a great option to purifying water or melting snow when you are in the backcountry, in California where fires are rarely allowed anywhere in forest or desert areas, the JetBoil is the only way to go. The normal canisters hold about enough fuel for 12 uses so I always keep an extra one with me. When using the JetBoil I suggest sticking with dehydrated meals and carrying a small bowl because it is easier to simply boil the water in the JetBoil, transfer the water and dehydrated food into the bowl, mixing the contents. This allows you to eliminate cleaning the JetBoil each use, and you can easily pack out the empty dehydrated food packets with no mess (some people like to mix the water directly into the dehydrated food package but I find it messy when you have to pack out the trash).

    If you are looking for a group of 3+ people, check out the larger JetBoil Sumo.

    Jet-Boil Flash











    • Compact Cooking System
    • Fuel packs inside for storage
    • Boils 16oz water in 2-3 min


    • Plastic bowl is easily to break

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    1. GearJunkie GearJunkie says:

      JetBoil is on sale right now on Amazon, about $21 off the regular $99, depending on the color you select. Check the amazon links above for the prices. Get’em while their hot!

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