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July 12, 2015 Comments (3) Camping Gear, Gear Reviews

ENO Double-Nest Hammock

Hammock Camping


Colder Weather

In colder weather you can slip a sleeping pad into the hammock to help insulate the underneath of you. Some sleeping bags are starting to add a sleeve to put a sleeping pad into, maybe ENO will follow that concept in a future hammock design.

I’ve always been a traditional tent person but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on an Eagles Nest Outfitters hammock. I decided on the Double-Nest for one reason, room, and plenty of it! I admit I was skeptical at first on how comfortable a hammock would be, keep in mind I hadn’t used one for about 20 years. Things have come a long way since then and ENO got it right with this hammock! The quality is exceptional, durability is superb, and comfort level is top-notch.

ENO Double-Nest HammockThe first reason that I love using a hammock for camping is for uneven/unlevel or rocky ground, meaning the lack of concern for it that having a hammock will give you. I’m sure others like myself have set their tents up on unlevel ground before to later find yourself feeling like you are sliding out of your tent all night. Notice in the photo the tent in the background is sloped downhill but the hammock is perfectly level, and no worries about rocks or sticks that need to be cleaned up. The possibilities seemed to open up when you consider Hammock Camping. There is an excellent book that describes everything about hammock camping “The Ultimate Hang” by Derek Hansen“.

Made from high strength woven nylon with triple interlocking stitching, this is one hammock that is ultra-light weight and supports up to 400lbs. The ENO Double-Nest packs up into a very small size about the size of a large grapefruit. The ENO hammock packs right into a provide pocket stitched to the hammock side, I also found that I could use that pocket to store a few things in at night within close reach. The blue tarp in the photo is just a simple small tarp that I use to stretch above the hammock, this provides some protection from falling cones and small limbs especially when in a pine forest.

You will need a suspension system for use, it does not come with one. I purchased the ENO Atlas Slapstrap and it performed perfectly. I loved the ability to setup without damaging any trees, its adjustable for different tree sizes and the loops along the strap can even be used to suspend your pack or anything else off the ground.

ENO Atlas SlapStrapI field-tested the ENO hammock in several different seasons, in the spring/summer it performs perfectly and kept me nice and cozy at night. In the Fall/Winter being suspended off the ground it can become quite chilly because of air currents moving above and below the hammock. For colder weather I suggest using a quality down sleeping bag which will provide much better warmth underneath you because compression of down does not affect insulation like it does with a synthetic fill bag. What I would like to see on these hammocks is a sleeve underneath where a sleeping pad could be slid in for more insulation and comfort.

The bottom line is Eagles Nest Outfitters make a superior line of hammocks, the quality is the best on the market. If you have never tried hammock camping you should seriously consider one for your next back packing trip, the light-weight and small size make it a great choice for anyone looking to go light-weight.


ENO Double-Nest Hammock









  • Compacts to about the size of a large soup can, taking up less space than a tent.
  • Rip-Stop Nylon construction
  • Great for uneven or rocky ground where a tent would be hard to set up.


  • Straps are not included
  • Can be cold on cool nights because unlike a tent, air is moving above and below you.

3 Responses to ENO Double-Nest Hammock

  1. GearJunkie GearJunkie says:

    The best price i have seen around for the ENO Atlas Straps is $25.46 at Amazon.com, the worst price I have seen is $69.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods, you be the judge!

  2. GearJunkie GearJunkie says:

    We are heading up in the Northwest Peninsula in Washington, as well as into Chili-wack and Vancouver,BC to test some products, we’re going to be taking our ENO’s for some overnight stays so I will update the report with more at that time.

  3. GearJunkie GearJunkie says:

    Don’t forget to get a good set of carabiners, you will need them for connecting the hammock ends to the straps.

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