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Koppen Lokal Tent

Koppen Lokal

I purchased the Koppen Lokal a couple years back from a local Dicks Sporting Goods (Koppen is one of their in-house brands). What attracted me to it at first was its well constructed look, its light weight for backpacking, and a low price point. Normally I like to stick with the more tried and true known brand names like Big Agnes, Marmot, or North Face, but I thought I would give this one a chance. Reminder – this is not exactly the method I would recommend when purchasing a tent, you should do your research, know the areas and weather conditions you will be using the tent in first and check reviews. Purchasing a tent is a very personal choice and it depends on what type of camping you will be doing whether backcountry, car camping, or the type of weather for the area you will be in also plays a large factor, don’t rush into something that just looks nice and has a sale sticker on it.

A Room For One

This is the perfect sleeping size for one, or maybe two if you don't mind snuggling a lot! There is plenty of room on the sides, and even at 6'0" there was enough room for a small pack at my feet.

At 2lb 4oz, the Koppen is definitely well suited for backcountry backpacking trips. At a price point of between $70-$90 I was impressed with the initial appearance of quality construction and modern look. I field tested the tent in two different environments, mountainous at 8,000 feet and the southwest desert, since I wanted to get feel for the tent in opposite environments.

I have slept in this tent in weather from 40F down to 17F. I purchased an appropriate sized footprint for the tent, which I recommend always using a footprint with light to ultra light tents because the floor material is usually thin and can be damaged easily by sticks, rocks, other debris under the tent. The Koppen was easy to setup in just a few minutes and I really liked the large side access, most tents only offer access at one end and you feel like you are crawling into a cave. There is a mosquito screen as well as standard fly, inside was a little small but for backpacking where weight and size are a concern this fits the bill. If you need larger they do make a 3 person tent, but weight increases with size of course. I am 6’0″ and there was plenty of room inside for my sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and a medium backpack at my feet.

My only complaint was that like almost any 3-season tent, especially in open desert areas the wind traveling up under the top cover easily penetrating the interior with cold air, so use a good bag or you might have a very cold night.

Best of all the Koppen actually fits back in the bag! There is nothing more frustrating and so many times I have owned tents that just refuse to compact down to the tent bag size after first use. This is a great all around low-cost tent, it is not a luxury tent or a high-end tent so don’t expect it to be, many times people purchase a lower cost tent expecting it to perform and have all the features that a high-cost tent will have. But if you want a tent that will get the job done and give you a good nights sleep, the Koppen performs just like it should.



Koppen Lokal Tent






Body Space


Ease of setup



  • Light-Weight
  • Side entry
  • Bug Screen
  • Small footprint


  • No longer available at Dick's

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